Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

EMF research databases

Germany's EMF-Portal

A project entitled "Knowledge-based literature data base"
(EMF-Portal) has been realised by the Research Center for Bioelectromagnetic Interaction (femu) at the University Hospital of Aachen University and co-funded by Research Association for Radio Applications (FGF).

The EMF-Portal is the basis for the formulation and answering of pending questions as well as for the evaluation of the current knowledge status. It differs from conventional scientific literature databases in that, apart from bibliographical data, it also contains biophysical and medical contents in structured form. Currently the database comprises approximately 10,000 studies.

Free and public internet access allows experts as well as the general public to inform themselves about the up-to-date knowledge status regarding the effects of high- and low-frequency fields.

As EMF Portal offers a wide and comprehensive overview of the relevant research on EMF it is a valuable medium for people who are - for occupational or pivate matters - concerned with this topic.