Public health, environmental and social determinants of health (PHE)

Sixty-first World Health Assembly, Resolution WHA.61.19

Climate change and health

24 May 2008

Key decisions made to outline the path to future action to protect health from climate change.

The resolution urges Member States to take decisive action to address health impacts from climate change, warning of its potential risks on human health. The resolution calls on the health sector to upscale actions in adaptation projects to limit the impacts on climate change on health; to raise global awareness of the impacts of health from climate change at national and international levels; and to boost political attention and action.

Member States call on WHO to develop and strengthen the evidence base on links between climate change and health; call on wider and more pro active involvement within the international processes and to help developing countries to address health impacts from climate change.

In consultation with countries, WHO will develop its work plan for the implementation of the resolution. This will be unveiled at the next Executive Board in 2009. The resolution was unanimously adopted this morning.

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