Public Health and Environment (PHE)

Sixty-second World Health Assembly

Background information

18-22 May 2009

WHO was established 61 years ago to promote health and ease the burden of disease worldwide. The Organization takes direction for its goals and priorities from the 193 Member States it is designed to serve. Each year, senior health officials from all these Member States come to Geneva to participate in the World Health Assembly. It is at the Health Assembly that WHO's work is reviewed, new goals are set, and new tasks assigned. The 62nd World Health Assembly this year has a long list of health challenges and responses to review.

Resolutions: adopted by each Health Assembly, direct WHO and urge Member States to take specific actions, gather more evidence and/or submit reports on their implementation. Member States may propose draft resolutions for consideration by the Health Assembly. In some cases, it can take years for debates to culminate in resolutions for the Health Assembly to consider.

Two agenda items in the area of Public Health and Environment under discussion this year include

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