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Follow-up of the report of the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development:

R&D financing and coordination

In resolution WHA66.22 the Health Assembly requested the Director-General, inter alia to: (1) establish a global health research and development observatory within the Secretariat in order to monitor and analyse relevant information on health research and development; (2) review existing mechanisms in order to assess their suitability to perform the coordination function of health research and development; and (3) explore and evaluate existing mechanisms for financial contributions to health research and development and, if there is no suitable mechanism, to develop a proposal for effective mechanisms, and a plan to monitor their effectiveness independently.

In the report the WHO Secretariat has explored the option of adapting and using an existing mechanism to increase the funding of research and development for diseases that disproportionately affect developing countries and for this purpose has identified a number of mechanisms that could be suitable starting points. For each of the mechanisms, the Secretariat has developed a factsheet that was shared with the respective organization; feedback received was taken into consideration:

The report builds on the draft working papers that the WHO Secretariat developed earlier focusing on four main elements of the CEWG Report: the Global Observatory for Health Research and Development (R&D); R&D coordination and prioritization; R&D financing; and options for demonstration projects.

Draft Working Papers