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Report of the World Health Organization Expert Working Group on Research and Development Financing

EWG report

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Publication date: January 2010
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish
ISBN: 978 92 4 156395 6

As this is a report to the Director-General of WHO, it is framed within the possibilities of action of that Organization. WHO, as mandated by its constitution, has been central to or an active participant in all debates on the changing panorama of health, particularly that in developing countries, and on health inequities. Several commissions and working groups were established in recent years to examine one or other facet of the difficult problem of how to change this scenario for the better. The problem is bedevilled by the fact that much of the improvement in health that has occurred has been in areas that are not usually considered to be within the health sector. In spite of the evidence of an inseparable bidirectional link between health and all facets of human development, galvanizing global attention to the fundamental problem and possible solutions has been slow. A global approach to the needs of countries is required, and many of the new challenges are blurring the differences between developed and developing countries.