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Investing in the development of new antibiotics and their conservation

Setting up a global antibiotic research and development facility

The WHO Global Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (GAP-AMR) that was adopted by the Sixty-Eighth World Health Assembly in May 2015 calls for the creation of new partnerships to foster the development and conservation of antibiotics. To implement this part of the GAP-AMR, WHO and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative are working on the creation of a ‘Global Antibiotic Research and Development Facility’. This new partnership will develop new antibiotic treatments addressing antimicrobial resistance and promote their responsible use for optimal conservation, while ensuring equitable access for all. The Partnership will stimulate innovation for global needs in the area of antibiotics by ensuring that any new products are also suitable for resource-limited settings.

The Partnership will work closely with all stakeholders – including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, other product development partnerships, academia, civil society, and health authorities – from countries of all income levels to develop new antibiotic treatments and to preserve them.

WHO and DNDi are holding a technical consultation on 13 November 2015 in Geneva to mobilize support for the creation of this new partnership:


8-9 DECEMBER 2014: Joint WHO-DNDi meeting on “Fostering the development and rational use of new antibiotics: How a product development partnership could promote innovation and responsible access to new antibiotics”

As a follow up to the WHO Technical Consultation on Innovative Models for New Antibiotics’ Development and Preservation that took place on 13 May 2014, WHO and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) jointly organized a two-day technical consultation on 8-9 December 2014 in Geneva on research and development of new antibiotics. Growing antibiotic resistance globally and the low level of investment in R&D on antibiotics is increasingly considered one of the biggest global health threats. The meeting explored the potential need for a product development partnership to promote innovation, responsible use of and access to new antibiotics.

13 MAY 2014: WHO Technical Consultation on Innovative Models for New Antibiotics’ Development and Preservation

A one day “Technical Consultation on Innovative Models for New Antibiotics’ Development and Preservation” was held at WHO headquarters on 13 May 2014. The meeting brought together leading experts to present and discuss innovative models fostering discovery and development of new antibiotics as part of the tool-kit to address challenges related to antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

The meeting was held under “Chatham House” rules where comments are not attributed to individual speakers.