Public health, innovation, intellectual property and trade

Contributions to the Second Public Hearing - Section 2, Proposals in Response to Resolution WHA60.30

Please find below links to all contributions received to date, in their original languages, and a section containing summaries of contributions. Contributions from Members States will be grouped separately. A synopsis of the contributions will be prepared and will inform the discussions of the second session of the Intergovernmental Working Group on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property in November.

Daniele Dionisio — Coordinator, Access to Drugs: International Policies

Andrew Farlow - Academia/Research, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Alexander Gershman - NGO, American Russian Medical Association, USA

Catherine Benavidez Clayton - NGO, Alliance of Health Disparities, USA

Randall Maxey - Alliance of Minority Medical Associations, USA

Council Nedd II, Tabetha B. Ralph, Leslie O. Anderson - Alliance for Health Education and Development, USA

Thomas Gebauer - NGO, Medico International, Germany

Frederick Modell - NGO, Jeffrey Modell Foundation, USA

Ann Sullivan - International Organization, International Association for Business and Health, USA

Herbert Perry - NGO, Health Care Advocacy Alliance, USA

Jorge Quel - Non-Profit Organisation, Hispanic-American Allergy Asthma and Immunology Association, USA

Aidan Hollis - Academia/Research, Department of Economics, University of Calgary, Canada

Thomas Pogge - NGO, Incentives for Global Health, USA

BIO Ventures for Global Health - Public-Private Partnership, USA

Margaret De Rooy - NGO, Healthcare Evolves with Alliances & Leadership, USA

David Hirschmann - International Organization, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, USA

Virginia Ladd - NGO, American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, USA

Stephen McMahon - NGO, Irish Patients Association, Ireland

Itaru Nitta - General Public, Green Intellectual Property Project, Japan

Leroy Watson - NGO, National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, USA

Hiroko Yamane - Academia/Research, Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan

Daphne Yong-d'Hervé - Private Sector, International Chamber of Commerce, France

Yves Champey - General Public, France

James Love - NGO, Knowledge Ecology International, Switzerland

Harry Kletzko - German Pain League, Member of the International Alliance of Patients' Organizations, Germany



Public health, innovation, intellectual property and trade

Dr Suzanne Hill
Director, EMP
Essential Medicines and Health Products (EMP)

Dr Marie-Paule Kieny
Assistant Director-General, HIS
Health Systems and Innovation (HIS)