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Public hearing on the Report of the World Health Organization Expert Working Group on Research and Development Financing

Resolution WHA61.21 on the Global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property, in particular paragraph 4(7), requested the Director-General … “to establish urgently a results-oriented and time-limited expert working group to examine current financing and coordination of research and development, as well as proposals for new and innovative sources of funding to stimulate research and development related to Type II and Type III diseases and the specific research and development needs of developing countries in relation to Type I diseases, and open to consideration of proposals from Member States, and to submit a progress report to the Sixty-second World Health Assembly and the final report to the Sixty-third World Health Assembly through the Executive Board”.

In November 2008, in accordance with paragraph 4(7) of resolution WHA61.21, the Director-General established a results-oriented and time-bound Expert Working Group to examine current financing and coordination of research and development, including proposals for new and innovative sources of funding. The Expert Group, composed of internationally-recognized policy-makers and technical experts, held three meetings in 2009 and produced an Executive Summary of the report which was transmitted to the 126th Executive Board. The final report has been translated into all official languages.

At its meeting of the Executive Board held in Geneva from 18-24 January 2010, a decision was taken for public web-based informal consultations to be convened. In this regard, Member States have submitted comments and inputs within the context and scope of the paragraph cited above on both the Executive Summary and Report of the Expert Group.

Please, find the comments received from Member States under the following links: