Partners' Forum 2010: From Pledges to Action


civil society organizations

Draft partner's forum banner

The PMNCH (Civil Society Organizations/ NGO Constituency Group has been actively engaged in the PMNCH Partners’ Forum in Delhi, India. At a pre-Partners’ Forum meeting, NGO members discussed the UN Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health, launched in September 2010 at the MDG Summit. Participants reviewed the commitments different organizations have made to the Global Strategy and discussed how to move those commitments forward and generate new ones.

Key outcomes of the Constituency Meeting included recommendations on how the NGO Constituency might help to implement and/or monitor the fulfillment of Global Strategy commitments. An NGO Statement was developed over the course of the Forum and presented during the final session highlighting commitments related to advocacy, education, accountability and implementation.

NGOs commended Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s on-going leadership to the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health and encouraged his continued commitment to ensure that all sectors are held accountable for the promises made and for the fulfillment of the Strategy’s goals and objectives. NGOs called for the meaningful engagement of civil society representatives in all mechanisms and structures established for the achievement of the Strategy’s aims, including an accountability framework.

Moving forward, the NGO community will develop platforms and mechanisms that will enable NGOs to work – individually, collectively, and with partners – to contribute to the implementation and monitoring of the Global Strategy.

Note: Debra Jones, Family Care International