Partners' Forum 2007

17-20 April 2007 | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Quotes from the day

Quotes from 18 April 2007

Dr Songane, Director of the Partnership

“In terms of achieving the MDGs 4 & 5, it is we (the members) who can make it happen. By working together in close partnership with countries, we can initiate a global movement to end the persisting tragedy of high rates of maternal, newborn and child deaths.”

Mr Kul Gautam, Chair of the Board, The Partnership

“Investment in the achievement of MDGs 4 & 5 is essential for success in all other MDGs. Maternal, newborn, and child health must be viewed as a cross-cutting issue, and a fundamental human right that we are duty bound to protect.”

Dr Flavia Bustreo, Deputy Director, The Partnership

“While we need to have a clear understanding of where the magnitude of maternal, newborn, and child deaths occur, we must think of these issues as global in nature.”

Ann Starrs, Co-Chair, The Partnership

"I'd like to say something about partnership - the action, not the institution. It's not easy to do - it requires each of us to put in a little extra, and to compromise a little more than we sometimes want - to look at issues not just from our own individual or institutional perspective, but to truly take in and understand the needs, ideas and priorities of others. All these structures, procedures and rules mean nothing, and achieve nothing, if our hearts are not in it - if we are not truly committed to the principles of the continuum of care, of working together, and of responding to and respecting country priorities. I hope that the rest of this Forum will enable all of us to forge or strengthen that common commitment that will enable this Partnership to achieve what it was established to do - to support countries in saving the lives of the women, infants and children that are our most precious resource."

Dr Joy Lawn, Saving Newborn Lives

“Everyone has a role to play. A healthy newborn changes the future, let us all play our part.”

Dr Alex Palacios

“In order to achieve continued success, a global partnership must listen to countries first and foremost, and remain flexible and adaptable.”

Dr Gertrude Mongella, President, Pan-African Parliament

“The goal of all our activities should be to find a way to move from what we know about maternal, newborn and child health into practical action.”

Dr Ivo Garrido, Minister of Health, Mozambique

“There is a great urgency to accelerate progress in maternal, newborn and child health because time is running out. We must all agree that it is time to move from policy to integrated action. Referring to a consensus reached during a meeting of African Ministers of Health in South Africa last week, Dr. Garrido stated, “We do not need money for HIV/AIDs, malaria, and TB. We need money for our national health care systems.”

Bertha Pooley , Save the Children, Bolivia

Ms Pooley pointed out that improvements in maternal, newborn and child health cannot be realised without the involvement of the women being served.

Quotes from 19 April 2007

Kul Gautam, Chair, Board

"It is important to remember that political accountability will be the means by which the MDGs will or will not be achieved."

Tore Godal, Prime Minister's Office, Norway

“The Prime Minister himself started this initiative following the Millennium Summit, with a strong personal commitment to saving lives. He feels we all have a moral imperative --as individuals and society--to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of women and their newborns and children.”

On achieving MDGs 4 & 5

Doyin Oluwole, Africa's health in 2010, AED

"I am asking us to shock governments. Take HIV/AIDS: People have done a lot of things to shock governments and made it clear that if nothing is done, economics will fail, governments will fail. And HIV/AIDS has received attention and political priority . Let us present MNCH to our governments so they have something to fight for."

Bertha Pooley, Save the Children, Bolivia

"In Bolivia, in my municipality, we have set as a goal that no woman and newborn should die in this year. Taking ownership and responsibility is very important."

Francis Omaswa, Global Health Workforce Alliance

"The key thing before we discuss money is delivery. We must be able to implement the policies set. Here we recognize human resources. We need to calculate the capacity for management, maintaining enthusiasm and results based methods. Leadership and management are key."

Prof. David Mwakyusa, Hon. Minister of Health and Social Welfare

"Those who need most our services are those who cannot afford them. Political will is not in short supply, but now we need to translate political will into political commitment. I like the word global."

Dr Arletty Pinel, UNFPA

“The partnership is a new initiative that belongs to all of us, and the future of it depends upon our input. Today, we have the opportunity to begin a broader call for action. We should feel that we are participants in the development of what could be a very important step in the process of achieving MDGs 4 & 5."