The Secretariat of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health is hosted and administered by the World Health Organization in Geneva and undertakes the day-to-day administration of The Partnership's workplan.

Executive office



Ms Lor McDougall

SO1: Prioritise engagement in Countries

Senior Technical Advisor

Advocacy & External Relations Consultant

SO2: Drive accountability

Drive accountability Manager

SO3: Focus Action for Result

Technical Officer

Technical officer

Kadi Touré, Consulting Technical officer

Technical Officer

Rachael Hinton

Dr Rachael Hinton

SO4: Deepen Partnership

Governance and Partnerships Manager

Governance Officer a.i.

Tamunomiete Flora Farrel, Assistant to the Director/Secretary

Partner Engagement & External Relations Consultant

Alix Rethoret

Technical Officer

Corporate services

Strategy and Finance Officer

Programme Assistant

Administrative and Finance Officer


Communications Officer