The Countdown to 2015 in Maternal, Newborn & Child Survival


Countdown to 2015: Tracking Progress in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Conference

The second Countdown to 2015 for MNCH Conference took place in April 2008 in conjunction with the 118th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly. The Conference provided an opportunity to track the progress achieved in maternal and child health intervention coverage since the first Countdown Conference, held in London, UK in December 2005.

Countdown report launched

16 April 2008 - Countdown to 2015 MNCH: The 2008 Repor thas been launched today during a Joint IPU/Countdown press conference.

Countdown starts to count

Cape Town 17 April 2008 - The Countdown to 2015 begun with some 400 delegates from across the world coming together at the 2008 Countdown Conference in Cape Town.

Conference calls for major investment in health services to prevent 10 million maternal and child deaths each year

19 April 2008, Cape Town – The three day conference on tracking global progress to reduce maternal, newborn and child deaths has concluded with a call for scaled up investment in basic health services and human resources to reduce the preventable deaths of over 10 million children and women each year.

Countdown commitment to act

19 April 2008 | Cape Town - Final delegates at the Countdown to 2015 Conference have committed to concerted, coordinated action to ensure that millions of lives of mothers, newborns and children are saved by the year 2015.

Countdown to 2015 MNCH:The 2008 Report

The report contains profiles for each of the 68 Countdown priority countries. Benin is shown as an example in figure 2. Benin was selected because it is the first country profile (in alphabetical order) where data were available for all major indicator categories.