The Countdown to 2015 in Maternal, Newborn & Child Survival


2005 Countdown Report

Countdown to 2015: Tracking Progress in Child Survival Conference, London, 13-14 December

Child survival experts have challenged the world to wake up to an unprecedented opportunity to save the lives of 30 million under fives over the next decade, at an international conference in London, Tracking Progress in Child Survival: Countdown to 2015, 13-14 December 2005. They are calling for donors and governments to equal the major commitments on prevention and simple treatments for children as have already been made to HIV/AIDS, malaria and immunization.

Tracking Progress in Child Survival: The 2005 Report

The first in a series of rolling reviews on progress in achieving MDGs 4 and 5 was held at the University of London, December 13-14 2005.