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In collaboration with the Department of Reproductive Health and Research (RHR), WHO

Christies' auction advisory

Art for Health - Algeria
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Art for Health, Algeria, Extracts from Christie's Auction Catalogue

Rome, 16-18 June 2008 - The Partnership collaborates with WHO's Reproductive Health Department to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive Health issues through the auction of paintings of women in the Art for Health project.

The auction of nearly 40 paintings from the Art for Health collection will take place on Wednesday 18 June 2008 at the Christie's auction center in Rome, Italy. The artwork will be on display from Monday 16 June (10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00). Money raised from the auction will be used by the non-governmental organization, Imagine, and WHO's Department of Reproductive Health to fund the project entitled "A mobile boat clinic for the Mosquitia, Honduras". The objective of this project is to improve the sanitary and health conditions of the local communities in the region of Mosquitia in Honduras, with a particular focus on improving the health of mothers and children.

The Art for Health project developed by the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at the World Health Organization uses contemporary art to increase awareness about, and promote action towards, women’s health and the health of their young children. Using a style originally developed during the Pop Art movement, Elisabetta Farina produced a series of paintings for the project which positively portray women from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds and call for a united effort to improve their lives and the lives of future generations.

For more information about the event and participation at the auction, please contact IMAGINE Onlus (+39 06 43411358).