WHITE RIBBON ALLIANCE & GOVERNMENT OF INDIA: Launch of Deliver Now Media campaign in Orissa, India

Deliver Now media campaign launch
Deliver Now media campaign launch. Photo: WRA

In an event presided by the Health Minister of State of Orissa, Mr. Sanatana Bisi, Development Media International (DMI), White Ribbon Alliance India and the National Rural Health Mission, have jointly launched a media campaign that supports the advocacy and communications campaign of Deliver Now for Women + Children India, first launched in India in April 2008, with activities carried out by White Ribbon Alliance India.

The media campaign has five TV and radio spots depicting daily situations faced by mothers-to-be and their families. Produced by Development Media International (DMI, London), the spots will be broadcast thanks to the support of the National Rural Health Mission. Each one-minute spot provides new solutions and information aimed at changing present behaviour and saving the lives of mothers and children.

The campaign targets five key themes related to saving mother and child lives: how to prevent the two main child killers - hypothermia and diarrhea, and to use treated bednets to prevent malaria; the importance of breastfeeding; signs which signal emergencies, and preparedness in post-partum complications. These five themes support current efforts from the Government to improve maternal, newborn and child health.

The media campaign is an innovative project that recognizes the vital role of positive health behaviours to effect change at all levels of society. The media campaign reinforces the first part of the project: grassroots political advocacy campaign carried out by White Ribbon Alliance aimed at stimulating:

  • individual behaviour change necessary to improve MNCH, including the perception of the value of good health for women and children (DMI);
  • political behaviour/ and policies required to fund and support strong health care systems for women and children;
  • community behaviour to hold policymakers to account on these issues (WRAI).

In addition to Mr. Sanatana Bisi, Ms. Annu Garg, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Mr. S.K. Lohani, Mission Director NRHM, Ms. Aparajita Gogoi, National Coordinator WRA and representing The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, Mr. Shaktihar Sahoo, Director WRA Orissa Chapter were present at the event, moderated by Mr Roy Head, DMI's Managing Director.