The Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents' Health 2016-2030

Online now: survey on zero draft Global Strategy


Photo: Department for International Development

The second round survey on updating the Global Strategy is now available on the interactive online hub at . This second round seeks inputs on the zero draft of the Global Strategy published on 5 May 2015. The Global Strategy writing team will consider all feedback provided through this consultation process in developing the final version of the Strategy. The writing team will provide a summary report on how the main themes emerging from this consultation feedback have influenced the final version of the Global Strategy. A second Synthesis Report, incorporating feedback from this consultation round will be published by 15th June. All public responses to this survey will be posted on the interactive online hub.

Between February and March 2015, a global consultation process was held to collect comments on what the updated Global Strategy should include and how it should build on the strengths and limitations of its first iteration (2010-15). The views of over 4,550 organisations and individuals were collected through an online survey and a range of global, regional and national consultation events.

The feedback gathered across all of these channels was recorded and collated by the consultation team. Responses were deconstructed and coded by topic using qualitative research methodologies. The data processing approach was cross-checked within the consultation team to ensure that, to the extent possible and within the resource and time constraints of this consultative process, all views were captured and reflected in a balanced way. Views from country partners (governments, national authorities, NGOs) were particularly emphasised.

The synthesis report from this round of consultations was used by the Every Woman Every Child Writing Team to inform the development of the zero draft of the Global Strategy.