11-15 November 2007

Health Care Professionals (HCP) Workshop

Meeting activities

Presentation of success stories or examples

A success story pertaining to a "growth area" have been presented and discussed. The stories illustrate the role played by the HCPAs in the success and highlight best practices or lessons learned.

Panels and plenary on each of the objectives

A panel discussion followe each presentation. Panels were each be composed of 4 - 6 people from different professional associations, agencies and/or organizations. Each panel was chaired by a facilitator. A list of discussion points was available for each panel to ensure full review of topics. Time was allotted after the discussions for comments and questions.

Country working groups

The expected results of the meeting are centered on the identification of priority actions that country teams will to pursue in a 1-2 year time-frame. These actions will strengthen the role of HCPAs in supporting national MNCH efforts. The country team participants will also identify support needed from regional and international agencies and the government in order for these activities to be feasible.

The country working groups were the key forum for the identification of these activities and needs. Three sessions were planned. The first two focused on selecting 2 or 3 of the 5 growth areas for HCP Associations. Groups have been asked to:

  • Articulate a vision for each objective selected
  • Identify current obstacles to reaching the vision
  • Select 3- 5 priority actions that country teams agree to pursue in the next 1 – 2 years
    • They should link identified actions to their country’s current MNCH plans
  • Develop and implementation plan for the actions (who, when, how).
    • Plan should indicate how associations can work together in the implementation of the actions

In the third working group session, country teams identified as precisely as possible the support that they will need from regional and/or international bodies to facilitate the implementation of the identified activities.

For this exercise, participants from regional and international associations and agencies have been asked to join country groups.