11-15 November 2007

Health Care Professionals (HCP) Workshop


The presentation during this session focused on the role of Association of Malawian Midwives (AMAMI) in advocating for mothers, neonates, families and midwives. The presentation outlined the channels used for different target audiences. It also outlined the major issues raised by AMAMI in their advocacy campaign: recognition of the midwife, salary, accommodation, uniform and protective wear, career development, brain drain and continuing & in-service education.

The four key issues outlined in the ensuing panel discussion were:

  • Attitudes of health workers
  • Harmonization of Associations
  • Gradual phasing out of traditional birth attendants
  • The role of union vs. association vs. professional societies

The recommendations outlined were:

  • Conduct advocacy for
    • Government to agree on standards of care
    • Professional association to have voice
    • Community involvement/participation/empowerment
    • Resource mobilization for both private and government health facilities/by government and corporate sectors
  • Include advocacy in school curricula