11-15 November 2007

Health Care Professionals (HCP) Workshop

"One MNCH Plan" development

The presentation during this session regarded the Integrated Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Strategy in Nigeria. Providing MNCH related statistics in Nigeria, the presentation outlines the strategy's key approaches: advocacy, strengthening of the health system, empowering families and communities, organizing operational partnerships, mobilization of resources. The presentation also provides insight on the choice of priority areas for action and interventions, phasing of implementation, rolling out of the IMNCH. Finally the presentation lists opportunities and challenges linked to the IMNCH.

The panel discussion following this presentation agreed that HCPAs should focus on the following points:

  • One Plan for MNCH
  • Continuity medical education for staff in MNCH hospitals
  • Appropriate funding and distribution
  • Partnering with Ministry of Health, donor agencies and NGOs
  • Collaborate with each other and share experiences
  • Private/public partnership
  • Appreciating efforts of health care workers
  • Emphasizing on change of attitudes among health care workers and leaders
  • Meeting patients' expectations
  • Partnering with, Federal Ministries of Health, state and Local Government Authorities in developing and implementing 'One Plan'
  • Form perinatal forums to discuss perinatal issues
  • Provide regular feedback and focus on monitoring and evaluation.