Health care professionals (HCPs) and their role in achieving MDGs 4 & 5: Multi-country workshops

2010: Niger

Regional HCP Mapping and Workshop

9-10 JUNE 2010 | NIAMEY, NIGER - Spurred by recommendations from the 2008 Burkina Faso regional health care professional workshop, a regional HCP network – Ré APS-Niger - developed and held both a mapping exercise of members and a regional workshop in Niger in June 2010. Discussions included key issues such as a better integration of HCPAs in the implementation of the health and poverty reduction strategies.

Funded by various partners, the regional HCP network – Ré APS-Niger – has been able to oversee the implementation of annual workplans, starting from the action plan developed during the regional workshop. The network has organized a number of strategic and consultative sessions among HCPAs and between HCPAs, civil society organizations and ministries of health.