Health care professionals (HCPs) and their role in achieving MDGs 4 & 5: Multi-country workshops

2010: Latin America


Health Care Professionals Workshop: Latin America

9 AUGUST 2010 | SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA -- 60 participants gathered in Santa Cruz, Bolivia as part of the fifth regional workshop on the 'role of health care professionals in achieving MDGs 4 and 5'. Health care professionals from national associations of obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, midwifery, nursing and pharmacy gathered with representatives of Ministries of Health, NGOs such as Save the Children and FCI and PAHO in a 3 day discussion on key issues barring the improvement of the health of women and children in the region. The countries present were Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Perú, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and Brazil. Structured in two parts, the workshop provided participants with the opportunity to share best practices related to the resolution of key issues and to conduct group work during which national teams identified key barriers and defined actions for addressing these barriers.