Country Support Working Group (CSWG)

Mother and child under red umbrella

The first ever meeting of the Country Support Working Group took place at the Partners' Forum held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in April 2007.

Terms of references

The mandate of the Country Support Working Group is to:

  • Identify and recommend engagement with countries;
  • Intensify support to accelerate coverage of essential maternal, newborn and child health interventions;
  • Provide information on effective interventions based on research findings and sharing best practices;
  • Identify potential key stakeholders in the selected countries;
  • Develop close working relationships with Ministries of Health and Finance in priority countries and their donor co-ordination mechanisms;
  • Develop coordination mechanisms and collaboration with the private sector;
  • Support development of a national plan of action undertaken through existing country planning and budgeting processes including PRSPs and SWAps;
  • Ensure that The Partnership initiatives integrate with country level processes;
  • Support the identification and sharing of good practice.

2013 Outcomes for women’s and children’s health

1: Highest possible political commitment achieved and maintained in the years to 2015 and beyond;

2: Increased and improved coverage and implementation of essential interventions (in priority countries);

3: Information synthesized and disseminated to guide/ track investments and promote accountability on progress,

4: Strengthened partner engagement and alignment nationally, regionally, globally.