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Objectives and results


Overall objective

The overall objective of this workshop is to increase the contribution of HCP Associations to national MNCH plans through a strengthened participation in policy and programme development and an increased alignment of activities to the national targets regarding the achievement of MDGs 4 and 5 (reducing child mortality by 2/3 and maternal mortality by ¾ by 2015).

Specific objectives

  • Strengthen the role of HCP associations as advocates for MNCH and in policy dialogue (being an effective player in dealing with legislative barriers, improving drug use policies, advocating for MNCH funding)
  • Explore HCP associations role in promoting one country MNCH plan (working together and as good partners with the public sector to make this effective)
  • Develop the role of HCP associations in quality improvement (training, continuing education, monitoring / supervision, standards of care, regulation and accreditation issues)
  • Increase HCPA joint activities to address the human resources crisis with respect to MNCH (staff deployment and retention,, new cadre development, delegation)
  • Strengthen organizational aspects of HCP associations to enable them to develop more fully their roles in the areas mentioned in objectives 1 – 4, and establish better partnering between associations and with the public sector (leadership, defining vision-plans-responsibilities, understanding how to work with the public sector, working with other associations , harnessing energies of members).

Expected meeting results

For country level action

Priority actions that support existing country MNCH plans identified and committed to by country teams* (implementation within 1-2 years). These actions should enhance the participation and role of HCP Associations in:

  • Advocacy and MNCH policy dialogue (3 – 5 actions)
  • Supporting one country MNCH plan (3 – 5 actions)
  • Improving the quality of MNCH care (3 – 5 actions)
  • Working together to address the human resources crisis (3 – 5 actions)
  • Strengthening the organizational aspects of HCP associations (3 – 5 actions)

*Note: Each country team will choose 2 or 3 of the five areas to work on, that are clearly linked to country MNCH plans.

For action from regional and international bodies

Areas of support from regional and/ or international bodies determined for the activities identified as priority by country teams.

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