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Addressing the human resources crisis


The panel discussion on human resources was preceded by a presentation on the ACCESS program collaboration with the health care professionals. This presentation, consisted in an overview of the ACCESS program and its partners, a discussion of the situation of maternal, newborn and child health in Ethiopia and a description of the ways in which work was conducted with the Ethiopian Nurses and Midwives Association and the Ethiopian Obstetrician and Gynecology Association to develop capacities of health extension workers, nurses, midwives and doctors.

The panel discussion that followed this presentation identified the following as necessary action points for HCPAs:

  • Taking the lead in
    • Health education
    • Advocating for improved remunerations for health workers
    • Promoting continued education to its members
  • Getting involved in changing attitude of health workers
  • Offering technical assistance in management of human resource for health
  • Assisting in securing resources for training health cadres
  • Working together in advocating for
    • Strengthened post graduate education in different areas
    • Increased funds and remunerations in health sector
    • Optimum working environments - infrastructure development equipment and protective gears (advocacy to government)
  • Supporting its members through
    • Encouraging innovation among
    • Struggling for the availability of learning materials for members
    • Speaking in a united voice for members and the community


Joseph de Graft-Johnson, ACCESS [pdf 5.48Mb]

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