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Organizational strengthening


The presentation in the session focused on the strengthening strategy of the Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON). The presentation described the activities undertaken to strengthen the organization which included: active membership drives, regular meetings and conferences, collaboration, focus on strengthening leadership through the creation of succession plans for members of the society, advocacy, structural adjustments: standing committees and the regular creation of ad hoc committees and partnership with the public sector, among others. It also outlined challenges faced by SOGON which included: funding, increase participation of women professionals, lack of administrative staff and voluntary membership among others.

The panel discussion following this presentation highlighted the following points:

  • Each HCPAs has strengths and weaknesses, but all of them need strengthening in some aspects
  • Lack of infrastructure is a major setback for all HCPAs and should be seen as a priority
  • Communication among HCPAs is essential within the country, regionally and internationally
  • Communication with other constituencies at country level is crucial

The panel also made recommendations to the Partnership as follows. The Partnership should:

  • Help with procurement of infrastructure by/for HCPAs
  • Facilitate communication between HCPAs at country, regional and international levels
  • Facilitate communication between HCPAs and members of other constituencies
  • Feedback to the Partnership Board about HCPAs issues


Dr Ezechi Oliver Chukwujekwu, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research [pdf 526kb]

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