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The Tanzania PMNCH


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The Tanzania PMNCH was launched during the first Global Partner's Forum, which took place in Dar Es Salam in April 2007. It was established by the Government of Tanzania and partners from the NGO, research, health professional and UN communities, in an effort to accelerate the national drive for improved maternal, newborn and child health. Ambassador Gertrude Mongella, President of the Pan-African Parliament, has been appointed as its champion.

The need for scaling up Maternal, Newborn and Child Health interventions through greater efficiency in the conduct of related activities is a substantial one in Tanzania. The Tanzania PMNCH will have as a principle role the development of a national plan and the coordination of the various partners to ensure successful implementation of said plan. As a technical reference group, the Tanzania PMNCH will also provide necessary support to members and Maternal, Newborn and Child Health actors where needed.

The Tanzania Partnership has a secretariat which is located at the Ministry of Health. This structure is financially supported by partners on a rotational basis. Currently UNICEF is supporting the secretariat.

The Tanzania Partnership is divided into working groups which meet monthly to follow up on management of previously identified activities and to identify next steps.

Currently the Partnership secretariat is housed at the Tanzania government Ministry of Health. With the arrival of new consultant at the secretariat, the planned activities are well under way. The main areas of immediate focus are:

  • Strengthening of focus on reproductive and child health
  • Intensifying resource mobilization and coordinating maternal, newborn and child health actors for more efficiency.
  • The inclusion of child in the existing Roadmap for the Reduction of Maternal and Newborn Mortality and Morbidity for a comprehensive national plan
  • Partner and resource mapping for greater visibility and a better coordination
  • Inclusion of maternal, newborn and child health in district planning for more effective implementation

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