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Deliver Now launch in New York

Almost ten million women, newborn and their young children under five die each year…most of these deaths can be easily prevented and take place in developing countries. What is needed is greater political commitment, increased investment in health services and support for communities to demand better access to quality health care.

Deliver Now for Women & Children is an advocacy drive to reduce create that needed support from people and politicians everywhere--and to save the lives of almost ten million mothers, babies and young children each year.

Deliver Now is a crucial component of a broader Global Campaign to invigorate action towards the 2015 health targets agreed by the global community in 2000- the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) . The Global Campaign for the Health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is being spear-headed by the leaders of Norway, Great Britain and Canada, in conjunction with the Global Network for Leaders for MDGs 4 & 5, to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

Since its campaign launch in New York in September 2007, Deliver Now for Women and Children has been launched across several continents, in India, Tanzania and Latin America and it is being implemented in the state of Orissa in India by White Ribbon Alliance and other partners. Key celebrities have endorsed Deliver Now.

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