Deliver Now India

India Update - July 2008

MNCH Ambassadors

April 2008 - As part of the Deliver Now launch, various notables from public life in India were honoured as ambassadors for NCH. This included Ms Anu Chaudhuri, Oriya Film actress, and Ms Shabana Azmi, renowned actress and former Member of Parliament. In addition to this, noted Indian classical dancer Ms Shovan Narayan and rockstar Mr Subir Malik, member of the Parikrama band, were declared as champion and Youth Icon for Safe Motherhood, respectively.

Combined Implementation Plan

March 2008 - A workshop was organized on 26 March 2008 to finalize the detailed implementation plan for the campaign. Twelve district coordinators for the Orissa campaign developed their plans, facilitated by four zonal coordinators.. Some of the key activities planned were as follow:

  • Use of checklist in selected focus blocks for gathering baseline information;
  • Development of an “Entitlement Charter” concept;
  • Training of NGOs on MNCH advocacy and media outreach-
  • Organization of public hearing sessions;
  • Building media champions.
Finalizing Checklist of “Entitlements” and Health Services

May 2008: Checklists were developed on the basis of existing entitlements under National Rural Health Mission program and the services envisaged from the health facility at different levels. A checklist comprises of minimum standards that each government health unit must meet to function properly. Next, these entitlements under various schemes will be collected and compiled in a single “Charter of Entitlements”.

Advocacy Training

May 2008 - A “training of trainers” meeting was held in Orissa on 12-13 May to spearhead the training of NGOs in MNCH advocacy at district levels in Orissa. The training focused on advocacy and social mobilization around MNCH entitlements, as well as media outreach and political advocacy on MNCH. The training of the 12 trainers also placed a strong emphasis on improving media linkages and effective monitoring and evaluations systems for advocacy efforts. This meeting was followed a series of zonal-level training sessions in May and June, where sub-district partners were oriented on MNCH advocacy.

Organization of Public Hearings

June 2008: Two public hearings were organized in late June by White Ribbon Alliance members at district/block levels. Community members shared the platform to raise their voice on the MNCH facilities provided to them. This will be followed by signature campaign where the stakeholders and the women will show their commitment towards reducing maternal and child deaths by signing a common document.

Baseline and Formative Research

May-June 2008 - A Request for Proposals for the baseline study was circulated in May, resulting in six proposals from professional research agencies in India. A research agency has now been selected, and it is expected to result in the implementation of a comprehensive baseline study during August 2008 to establish measurements in current knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in regard to MNCH, against which progress for this project can be tracked.

  • Messaging Workshop
  • Development of Entitlement Charter
  • Implementation of Entitlement and Health Facility Checklist
  • Training of NGOs on Media Outreach
  • Formation of Radio Listener’s Club