Call for proposals: Impact evaluation of regional workshops on the role of health care professionals in achieving MDGs 4 and 5

Purpose of this call for proposals

The aim of the evaluation is to assess the impact of the regional health care professional workshops in the 17 participating countries on three levels: 1) The achievement of the overall workshop objective; and 2) Interactions between and among HCPAs, Ministry of health and development partners and 3) The implementation of action plans defined during the regional workshops. The evaluation should examine the impact of these workshops at 6 month intervals and provide analysis on how the workshop influenced the activities of HCPAs, Ministry of Health officials, and development partners over time. The evaluator can use a variety of methods to assess the impact of the workshops provided a clear justification is given for the data collection and analysis strategy. The workshop objective which will be used as the basis for assessing the impact of the workshop is as follows: Increased involvement of HCPAs in maternal, newborn and child health planning

Send Proposals to: Kadidiatou Toure, Technical officer, PMNCH at

DEADLINE: 7 May 2010, 17:00 hours Geneva time

Letter Content/Application process

Applicants are requested to send a proposal (1500 words max) which would include the following:

  • Full name, institutional affiliation, email address, telephone number
  • Motivation for seeking this consultancy and comparative advantage
  • Proposed methodology for carrying out the work (including at least some indicators and data collection strategies)
  • Detailed budget
  • CV of team leader

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel and The Partnership will communicate the results of this Request to applicants by one week after closing and seek to sign a contract with the successful candidate soon thereafter. Proposals will be reviewed against the following criteria: demonstrated understanding of the intent of the work, knowledge of maternal, newborn and child health and human resources for health, and expertise and work experience of the Applicant(s).

Schedule of work

The work will begin one week after the decision on funding and should be completed within 6 weeks


The Partnership reserves the right to award the contract to an applicant of its choice, even if its proposal is not the lowest-priced; not award any contract at all. The Partnership reserves the right to negotiate the terms of the proposal made by one or more applicants(s) of its choice, including but not limited to price negotiations. Applicants whose proposals are not selected will be notified in writing of this fact, and shall have no claim for any kind of compensation.

Partnership Secretariat
February 2010