Deepen Partnership (SO4)

The Partnership’s Strategic Objective 4 to Deepen Partnership, facilitates and supports collective action to drive effective policies, programmes, finance and accountability, relying upon the strengthened and inclusive engagement of diverse and committed Partners in joint platforms, processes, and governance structures. This deepening of the Partnership is a foundation of the PMNCH offer, enabling Partners to achieve more collectively than they can as individual organization

The Partnership engages and aligns a broad range of Partners for action and accountability to deliver the Global Strategy, and is the platform through which the whole movement comes together, fostering collective action and energising the Every Woman Every Child movement.

Through Strategic Objective 4, The Partnership brings together and elevates voices engaged in SRMNCAH across all constituencies, particularly the voices of the most marginalised and excluded, including those of adolescents and youth, who are critical to delivering the Global Strategy.