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IWG Event reports

Collective action: Role of ICT in support of “Saving One Million Lives Program”

17 OCTOBER 2012 | ABUJA, NIGERIA - At the occasion of the 13th PMNCH Board meeting and in support of Nigeria’s ground-breaking initiative “Saving One Million Lives Program” (SOMLP) launched by the President Goodluck Jonathan and the Ministry of Health, PMNCH organized a special event with the private sector on Collective Action: “Saving One Million Lives” and the Role of Information Communication Technologies (ICT). Co-hosts included the Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria Private Sector Health Alliance, Innovation Working Group (IWG), PMNCH private sector members GSM Alliance and Intel, mHealth Alliance and the Wellbeing Foundation. Intel Corporation sponsored the event.

IWG announces eight grants for mobile technology

25 SEPTEMBER 2012 | NEW YORK - The Innovation Working Group (IWG) of the UN Secretary-General’s Every Woman Every Child global strategy and mHealth Alliance announced the eight 2012 winners of catalytic grants today. This initiative, funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) and implemented in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), provides grants, networking, and capacity building support for innovative uses of mobile technology to advance maternal and child health, with a focus on expanding programs to wide-scale implementation.

Launch of the private sector engagement guide Private Enterprise for Public Health

11 JULY 2012 - This interactive and forward looking session highlighted the critical role of the private sector and its still largely untapped potential , and launched the private sector engagement guide Private Enterprise for Public Health to trigger further business engagement. The session discussed an important paradigm shift in partnerships between the private and public sector to achieve health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and economic development, and how this can improve family planning and reproductive health. Organized by PMNCH and the UN Foundation in collaboration with the UN Innovation Working Group (IWG), and moderated by Caroline Hyde from Bloomberg TV, this session was attended by leaders from government, business, NGOs and academia.

Scaling Innovations for Impact on Women's and Children's Health

25 APRIL 2012 | NEW YORK - The Innovation Working Group (IWG) met for the first time on 25 April in New York, hosted by Columbia University with remote participation from London, Geneva and other locations. IWG Task Forces presented work in the areas of checklists, medical devices, sustainable business models and innovative financing.

Innovating to improve women and children’s health

12 SEPTEMBER 2011 | LONDON - For less than $100, poor, pregnant women in India can now give birth in a private hospital focusing on low-income families, with comparable quality to expensive, private ones. This is an alternative to overcrowded, poorly staffed government-funded hospitals. Lifespring is a rapidly growing chain of hospitals in India that provides maternity and delivery care. For one low price, as little as $90, it provides complete delivery services. This is one-third to one-half of the fees charged at other hospitals.

Siemens recognizes a need to broaden understanding of healthcare needs in Africa

MAY 2011 | GENEVA - As an established market leader Siemens recognizes the urgent need to improve the medical care of women and children in the developing countries. In order to maximize the impact of company’s contribution in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, Siemens is committed to work with partners to deepen understanding of concrete needs in countries in support of the UN Secretary General’s Global Strategy on Women’s and Children’s Health.