PMNCH operational principles

Partnership is partner-centric

The Partnership has, since 2009, been a Partner-centric organization. This means that the Partnership relies on its Partners and their work to achieve the Partnership’s objectives. As stated above, the Partnership’s role is not meant to replace or replicate either the work or internal governance and accountability processes of individual Partners – i.e. members of the Partnership. Rather, it is a platform where individual Partners have an opportunity to inform others of the work they are doing, learn from existing work and experience, understand what is being done or planned, identify gaps or overlaps and, in discussion, agree and coordinate next steps to the extent that this is appropriate and relevant.

The Partner-centric approach therefore mobilizes, engages and empowers the different implementing Partners. It allows them to coordinate their actions and activities and encourages and promotes mutual accountability through inclusiveness and transparency. It is the Partners themselves who continue to have the capacity, and therefore the responsibility, to implement specific activities – but with an opportunity to coordinate with others so as to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of these actions. This may be reflected in, for example, better donor coordination in aid flows, agreement by health-care professionals on common implementation policies and alignment of messages by the NGO community.

The Partnership members are represented by constituency representatives on the Partnership’s Board, with each constituency having its own internal governance, communication and operational structure. The Partnership will strive to reach out to and engage with its broad membership, either through relevant Board representatives or directly, as most appropriate.