PMNCH operational principles

The Partnership plays a convening and brokering role for its Partners

In supporting the Partners in their work, the Partnership will focus its efforts on playing a brokering and convening role to engage all Partners in an inclusive and transparent manner, as follows:

  • Convening. Its convening role will involve providing a platform for all Partners to discuss and agree on ways to align their existing and new activities (potentially to reshape their approaches in light of new information and to coordinate implementation of interventions) and catalyse new activities and approaches.
  • Brokering. The Partnership will actively broker (knowledge, innovations, collaborations, etc.) among the Partners, in all Strategic Objectives and areas relevant to improving RMNCH. For example, the Partnership will bring Partners together to discuss and agree on assessments of the current situation and of progress towards the MDGs. This would support Partner discussions on approaches to making essential interventions available in high-burden countries.