PMNCH operational principles

The Partnership's work is guided by country demand and regional priorities

The Partnership will adopt an approach that is in alignment with national plans and regional initiatives (such as the CARMMA26). This will ensure that activities are guided by actual demand and national health plans, as articulated by individual countries, and based on global best practice, including the Paris Principles and Accra Agenda for Action.

National governments from high-burden countries are an essential constituency of the Partnership. They provide feedback, share experiences and offer direction to the discussions on how best other Partners can contribute to their activities, and coordinate with in-country development efforts. All activities of the Partnership are therefore guided by the principles of supporting existing country plans. An ongoing cross-cutting theme, across all Strategic Objectives, will be the need to increase efforts to engage the country constituency effectively.

The work on defining best practice and opportunities for strengthened multi-stakeholder country engagement, through Partners, will continue as the Workplan 2012 to 2015 is being developed.