2012-15 PMNCH Strategic Framework

And accompanying "Workplan and Budget" documents

Strategic objectives

Strategic Framework Cover

The work of the Partnership towards its Mission and Vision will be delivered through three Strategic Objectives (SOs). These objectives reflect the key elements of the overall Partnership value proposition, and provide the framework for the development of specific, measurable and costed outputs and activities of the Partnership over the years 2012 to 2015. These outputs and activities will be identified and set out in the Partnership’s Workplan. The SOs are:

  • SO1: Broker knowledge and innovation for action.
  • SO2: Advocate for mobilizing and aligning resources and for greater engagement.
  • SO3: Promote accountability for resources and results.

Given the Partnership’s value-added proposition, four operational principles have been identified that determine the way in which it expects to work (1. a partner-centric organization; 2. playing a convening and brokering role for Partners; 3. guided by country demand and regional priorities; 4. promoting the Continuum of Care). These are discussed in more detail in Section 6. However, it is important to draw attention to the first operational principle here in order to understand the nature of the Partnership’s activities that are likely to contribute to the proposed SOs. In particular, the Partnership is a Partner- centric organization. This means that the Partnership relies on its Partners and their work to achieve the Partnership’s objectives. It is a platform:

  • where Partners, and high-burden countries in particular, are able to both work together to achieve more than can be achieved by working alone; and
  • to support alignment and catalyse action by Partners in areas of focus.

The SOs are discussed in turn below. Although distinct in nature and focus, all are intertwined so, for example, work done in the area of “accountability for results” (SO3) will be synergized with “knowledge and innovation” (SO1) and “advocacy” SO2.