Mother carrying her baby boy
WHO-213978/P. Virot

The Ministry of Health of Mozambique has a Health Sector Strategic Plan which is divided into two phases, 2001- to 2005 and 2005 to 2010. This Strategy incorporates an expanded program of immunization and a National Action Plan for Children which spans from 2005 to 2009. It also includes a program on reproductive health. Mozambique also has available a national survey on reproductive health and sexual behavior among youth and adolescents.

Mozambique benefits form the presence of many Partnership members involved in efforts to improve maternal and child health, mainly through interventions targeting malaria. USAID and UNICEF are both involved in combating the illness that is at the root of 60% of pediatric admissions in Mozambique . The ACCESS program organized a training of facilitators for the development and implementation of the Road Map for Accelerating the Attainment of the MDGs Related to Maternal and Newborn Health in Africa at the Country Level.

The Partnership has also been involved in Mozambique. As a recipient of the PMNCH grant, funded by the Gates Foundation, the Mozambique Ministry of Health hosted a meeting in February 2007 to initiate the process of development of the national Plan of Action for strengthening rapid scale-up of MNCH interventions.