Survival and health for Every Newborn is attainable says new PMNCH Knowledge Summary

15 APRIL 2014 | GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — A new Knowledge Summary from PMNCH on newborn health — “Delivering our Future: Survival and Health for Every Newborn”— explores key evidence and proven interventions that can reduce at least two thirds of the estimated 2.9 million newborns that die, and the additional 2.6 million babies that are stillborn each year.

Investment Framework for Women's and Children's Health in Africa

15 APRIL 2014 | GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — A new Global Investment Framework for Women’s and Children’s health introduced during a media event on the side of the recently concluded Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (CAMEF), demonstrates that investing in women’s and children’s health in Africa could save millions of lives and yield an eleven-fold return through social and economic benefits.

Healthy people for sustainable development

8 April 2014 | New York — Ministers of health, senior officials from Member States and key partners in development gathered to discuss the issue of “Putting Healthy People at the Center of Sustainable Development”. The meeting was an opportunity to take forward the findings and deliberations of the recently concluded ICPD operational review and give Member States an opportunity to review progress, gaps, challenges and emerging issues.

Africa Progress Panel launches visual advocacy campaign to save more lives

9 April 2014 | Online — A month long visual advocacy campaign has been launched by Africa Progress Panel to encourage young African entrepreneurs, professionals and civil society to demand more transparency and accountability from their governments and multinational businesses.

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  • 15 April

    PMNCH to host roundtable at the Global Donors Forum in Washington

    PMNCH will host a roundtable on “Women and Children at the Centre of the Post-2015 Development Agenda” on 15 April in Washington DC, during the Global Donors Forum organized by the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists.

  • 9 April

    Thematic debate on the “Role of Partnerships in the Post-2015 Development Agenda”

    A joint thematic debate on “The Role of Partnerships “ will take place at the UN Headquarters in New York to provide a platform for Member States to address how strengthened global partnerships for sustainable Development including multi ‐stakeholders partnerships can contribute to the implementation of the post 2015 development agenda.

  • 3 April

    USAID and 32 partners launch Lab to help end extreme poverty by 2030

    The establishment of the U.S. Global Development Lab to foster science-and technology-based solutions to help end extreme poverty by 2030, was unveiled by Dr Rajiv Shah, USAID Administrator during an event in New York. As part of its focus on enhancing science and technology, the Lab highlights several innovations that address the needs of mothers and newborns which will be taken to scale.