Membership information

Mandatory disclaimer

PMNCH is hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), and therefore WHO rules and regulations apply to PMNCH. WHO may prevent membership by a potential partner that is incompatible with WHO goals and objectives and that of global public health, including products specifically designed to harm. Therefore, relationships are banned with potential members whose activities are incompatible with WHO’s work, such as those involved in the industries related to tobacco (or tobacco-related products), breast milk substitutes or arms industries.

In completing the application form, the applicant will have to confirm that the following mandatory disclaimer is true:

“My entity/organization/institution does not have or has had during the past four years any formal association, affiliation or link, with the breast milk substitutes, tobacco or arms industry, or any subsidiary of a breast milk substitutes/tobacco/arms company or commercial entity involved with the manufacture, sale, or distribution of breast milk substitutes/tobacco/arms or tobacco related products.”

Formal association, affiliation or link with the breast milk substitutes, tobacco or arms industry may include, but is not limited to:

  • consultancies or contractual/commercial relationships involving business (e.g. licensing, joint venture or research and development agreements) or other interests, (e.g. advocacy or public relations);
  • the possession of a financial stake, e.g. shareholdings or bonds;
  • a proprietary interest in a substance, technology or process (e.g. ownership of patent);
  • any programmes, initiatives, research, or projects, either independent or jointly administered which have been directly or indirectly endorsed, funded either monetarily or otherwise, or promoted by the breast milk substitutes/tobacco/arms industry, a subsidiary of a breast milk substitutes/tobacco/arms company, or any commercial entity involved with manufacture, sale, or distribution of breast milk substitutes/ tobacco/arms or tobacco related products; and
  • financial interests, controlling interests (i.e. senior-level individuals, including executive board members, with current or previous affiliations, financial or otherwise, with the breast milk substitutes/tobacco/arms industry.