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Interactive Costing Tools Guide

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Policy makers and technical staff know that the appropriate use of costing tools can help shape national health policies, strengthen advocacy for increased investments to achieve health targets, and inform planning and budgeting processes. But how can stakeholders select, and access, an appropriate costing tool for their particular objectives?

To assist in this process, the Partnership has developed an interactive online Costing Tool Guide in collaboration with USAID through the Health Systems 20/20 Project, Management Sciences for Health, Norad, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO, and the World Bank.

The Costing Toosl Guide leads users through a short series of questions to help select an appropriate costing tool and understand the different parameters to consider before undergoing a costing exercise. Now, this Guide goes one step further—leading you through an interactive process to the tool which best suits your purpose.

Video tutorials on the use of the Costing Tool Guide are provided, along with details about the tools, including how to access them. The content of the guide can be easily modified and updated, for example when new tools become available. Try it out. For feedback and questions, please email us at