Success Factors for Women’s and Children’s Health: Multisector Pathways to Progress

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  • Caramani D, et al. (2014)
    pdf, 199kb

    Which factors are necessary and/or sufficient for accelerated reduction of maternal and child mortality in low and middle-income countries? Boolean, Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)
  • Frost L, et al. (2014)
    pdf, 982kb

    A Review of the Literature on Factors Contributing to the Reductions of Maternal and Child Mortality in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries
  • PMNCH (2014)
    pdf, 385kb

    Guide for country multistakeholder policy reviews
  • Options Consultancy and CEPA (2014)
    pdf, 1.97Mb

    Country-specific review of literature and data for 10 fast-track countries
  • Cortez R., et al. (2014)
    Maternal and child survival : findings from five countries experience in addressing maternal and child health challenges. Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) discussion paper (World Bank).
  • Adam,T et al. (2012)
    pdf, 3.51Mb

    A Quantitative Mapping of Trends in Reductions of Maternal and Child Mortality in the High Mortality-burden Countdown to 2015 countries.
  • PMNCH, (2012)
    pdf, 785kb

    Analytical framework and database variables for the Success Factors for Women's and Children's Health studies