Success Factors for Women’s and Children’s Health: Multisector Pathways to Progress


Global Press release

Snapshot of print and online coverage

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North America

  • CTV News (Canada)
    Child mortality falling, says UN, but not fast enough to reach target
  • (USA)
    More children live to age 5, but world still short in meeting goal to decrease child mortality
  • Medical Daily (USA)
    Maternal, Child Mortality Down Thanks To Synergies Across Sectors; Nations Improve Health Of Women, Children In Poor Countries
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (USA)
    What we can learn from poor countries on infant mortality
  • PBS Newshour (USA)
    Child deaths decline globally, with more children living to age 5, UNICEF report finds


South Asia

Southeast Asia

Video and audio coverage

  • NTV Uganda
    Health Focus: 10 achieve MDGs target on children's health
  • NTV Uganda
    World Cup Health Scorecard
  • NTV Uganda
    Health Focus: Preterm Clinics Restore Hope in Busoga Sub-Region