Art for Health Project

Auction press conference

Dr Mario Merialdo, WHO, Elisabetta Farina, artist, Guiliano Giubilei, journalist RAI, Dr Flavia Bustreo, The Partnership, Senator Ignazio Marino
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Dr Mario Merialdo, WHO, Elisabetta Farina, artist, Guiliano Giubilei, journalist RAI, Dr Flavia Bustreo, The Partnership, Senator Ignazio Marino

Rome, June 16, 2008 - A press conference in Rome has highlighted the innovative Art for Health collaboration between an Italian artist, Elisabetta Farina, the World Health Organization (WHO), The Partnership, the Italian NGO, Imagine Onlus, which will auction some 40 original women's paintings on Wednesday 18 June at the prestigious headquarters of Christie's auction house in Rome (by invitation only).

The proceedings will be fully devoted to the project "A mobile clinic for 'La Mosquitia'," in the Central American country of Honduras, a project of Imagine Onlus and the Reproductive Health Department of the WHO.

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Quotes from the press conference
Artist Elisabetta Farina
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Artist Elizabeth Farina
"I believe that every product of creativity and of human action has a special significance if it is able to contribute to the growing discussion and collaboration. My paintings are voices that denounce the existence of so many avoidable injustices. They are, in fact, words pronounced 'by women for women' in a sort of physical and mental journey where reality and fiction join to improve the living conditions of many people."

Senator Ignazio Marino
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Senator Ignazio Marino, President of Imagine Onlus
"We thought we would reach out to them. The project to buy a mobile clinic for the population of Mosquito's, the ethnic group most widespread in the territory, aims to improve the health conditions of local communities, with particular attention to women and children."

Dr Mario Merialdo, Coordinator. Reproductive Health and Reserch Dept, WHO
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Dr Mario Merialdi, Coordinator for maternal and Child Health at the Department of Reproductive Health and Research (RHR), WHO
"The objective of the Art for Health project is to use art to raise awareness about the health problems affecting entire countries and improve reproductive health worldwide, especially the health of women and children---including 'a mobile clinic for the Mosquito in Honduras."

Dr Flavia Bustreo, Deputy Director, The Partnership
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Dr Flavia Bustreo, Deputy Director of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health
"The need for funding for maternal child health in the world is a priority. In 2005, Italy allocated just over 5 cents of a US dollar per capita for activities in support of maternal d child health. On the other hand, Luxembourg (with 31.8 U.S. dollars) and Norway (10.3 U.S. dollars per capita) are the countries in Europe that invest the most. We hope that Italy returns to be one of the leading countries in solving this important problem."

Guiliano Giubilei, Journalist RAI
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Guiliano Giubilei. RAI Journalist and panel moderator Asked critical questions of Dr Bustreo: ""What is Italy doing with regards to financing maternal, newborn and child health?" and of Senator Ignazio Marino: "What is the Italian parliament doing to increase financing to this critical issue?"