Costing tools


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To assist countries in the use of costing tools, several international development partners (including NORAD, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNDP, WHO, World Bank, USAID through the Health Systems 20/20 and BASICS Projects, and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health/PMNCH) are conducting a review of 13 costing tools relevant to the health MDGs. The review is overseen by a Steering Committee (see link below for a list of members) and coordinated by the PMNCH Secretariat in Geneva.

The objective of the costing tools review is to assess the technical validity of the tools and application process at the country-level, including user-friendliness and needs for technical assistance.

There are three key components of the review process:

  • A technical review has been commissioned from Bitran and Associates (all tools) and PATH (MBB only). The review is descriptive and analytical, and includes individual tool performance and internal validity assessment. Its purpose is to facilitate the selection of the “right tool for the job”, rather than a comparative rating of the tools. The outputs of the technical assessment are a summary of each tool, a summary of the questions that are addressed by the tools taken as a group, a description of which tools answer each question, an analysis of technical validity, an assessment of ease of use, and identification of complementarities between the existing tools.
  • A technical consultation to bring together users of the tools, tool developers, and the external reviewers to discuss experience with using the tools and identify ways of strengthening the tools and the process of applying them a the country-level. The technical consultation took place in Senegal on 8-10 January 2008.
  • Development of guidance materials designed to empower countries to manage the costing tools process, incl. definition of purpose, tool selection, analysis, and presentation of results. The guidance materials will be posted on this website once they have been developed.