Executive Director’s blog

July 2014

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Dr Carole Presern

Last week, about 1,200 of us from 60 or more countries gathered for the Partners’ Forum, hosted by the Government of South Africa, PMNCH, Countdown to 2015, A Promise Renewed and the independent Expert Review Group. This was the first time in nearly four years that the seven PMNCH constituency groups have met together , since our last Partners’ Forum in New Delhi in 2010. Then, we were 400 members and the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health had just taken wing. Now, we look ahead to the final 500 days of the Millennium Development Goal era with a sense of accomplishment and urgency. We have to balance the need to focus on the forgotten – the hard to reach whose lives are at the centre of all we do – with the urgency of maintaining the world’s attention on healthy women and children in the new Sustainable Development Goals.