Executive Director’s blog

August 2012

Carole Presern, Director PMNCH

London Summit on Family Planning puts women at heart of global health agenda

One of the major events for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health in the past month took place in London on 11 July, when the global community and leaders united to provide 120 million women in the world’s poorest countries with access to contraceptives by 2020. The new commitments were announced by more than 150 leaders from donor and developing countries, international agencies, civil society, foundations and the private sector at the London Summit on Family Planning, co-hosted by the UK Government’s Department for International Development and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA.

The London Summit delivered a historic global breakthrough. It is an unprecedented effort which showcases innovative partnerships and leadership at the country level, and underscores the importance of access to contraceptives as both a right and a transformational health and development priority. Achieving this over the next eight years will prevent the deaths of more than 200,000 women in pregnancy and childbirth and three million infants.

Keeping our promises

In order to hold ourselves and the global community accountable for reaching this goal, an independent Family Planning 2020 Accountability Reference Group (FP2020) will work to make sure we deliver our promises. A Champions’ group will also provide leadership at the highest level, mobilising additional commitments and maintaining political momentum. The group will be supported by a FP2020 task team. Commitments made at the summit will be added to others already made as part of the United Nations Secretary-General’s ‘Every Woman Every Child’(EWEC) initiative, and will be available on the special Family Planning Summit section of the PMNCH website when published. They will also be tracked, on the EWEC website, as well as in the in-depth accountability report from PMNCH.

Private Sector Guide

As part of the London Summit on Family Planning, PMNCH in collaboration with Innovation Working Group, Every Woman Every Child and United Nations Foundation launched a private sector guide which sets out opportunities for multiple industries to develop new products and services, improve delivery systems and strengthen health systems that can support global efforts to save 16 million women's and children's lives between now and 2015. Please link to details of the session and the new Private Sector Guide : "Private Enterprise for Public Health: Opportunities for Business to Improve Women's and Children's Health".

Taken from the PMNCH August 2012 E-Blast