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Blog to G20, 18 June 2012

Carole Presern, Director PMNCH

PMNCH applauds G20 leaders for increased commitment to food and nutrition security

21 JUNE 2012| GENEVA - Looking at the events in Los Cabos this week, PMNCH is pleased to see that the G20 leaders who gathered in Mexico were able to look beyond the Eurozone crisis and produce some concrete results on food and nutrition security to address the needs of the 925 million undernourished women, men and children in the world.

The G20 leaders announced AgResults, a new initiative to enhance global food security and improve livelihoods. The initiative aims “to achieve significant improvements in the well-being of the poor and vulnerable in developing countries with a fund of up to $100 million." It will be administered by the World Bank and funded by Australia, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, the U.S. and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We endorse AgResults and hope that it can be scaled up quickly beyond the pilot phase so that it can have an increasingly greater impact in meeting the needs of hungry people.

Beyond AgResults, food and nutrition security earned unprecedented attention at many levels — including Mexican President Felipe Calderón and his government, the business leaders in Los Cabos for the B20 Summit, international civil society and the media.

We welcome the G20's endorsement of the Millennium Development Goals and the Scaling Up Nutrition movement in the final Communique, and its recognition of the need to adapt agriculture to climate change and hope that progress can be made on all three of these issues through AgResults.

What we now need is better accountability for tracking their commitments, including the global targets for reducing stunting by 40% by 2025 that they agreed to this year at the World Health Assembly.

Finally, PMNCH wants to express its gratitude to President Calderón and his administration for their unparalled engagement of civil society in the process of developing the G20 agenda. Mexico's open and transparent consultation process is a model that we hope others will follow. We trust that we can continue to work productively with the Mexican presidency the rest of this year, and then with the Russian presidency in 2013.

Taken from 2012 G20 Watch