02-03 July 2007

Global Business Plan for MDGs 4 & 5

Consultation on the Global Business Plan for Millennium Development Goals 4 & 5

Geneva 2-3 July 2007 - About 40 people representing an array of different constituencies, regions and country ministries attended a meeting to discuss the Global Business Plan (GBP) for MDGs 4 & 5 as part of the ongoing consultative process to develop the plan. The Partnership has served as the platform for developing the plan and ensuring contributions by its stakeholders. The GBP for MDGs 4 & 5 was first presented to Partners at the Tanzania Partners' Forum April 2007 and Norwegian Prime Minister's keynote address at the World Health Assembly also mentioned the initiative.

The purpose of the meeting was to agree on the pillars of the GBP for MDGs 4&5 based on input from colleagues from countries on the draft Concept Paper. Colleagues took part from the Governments of Bangladesh, Bolivia, Chile, Ethiopia, Great Britain, Mozambique, Norway, Pakistan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States as well as from Family Care International, Ifakara Health Research & Development Centre, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Research, the Gates Foundation, GAVI Alliance, WHO, World Bank, UNFPA and UNICEF.



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