Deliver Now for Women + Children at the Commission for the Status of Women

28 February 2008

UN Headquarters, New York, 28 February - The advocacy campaign - Deliver Now for Women + Children - was presented at the United Nations 52nd Commission for the Status of Women. A special session for Spanish speaking delegates took place on Thursday, 28 February in UN headquarters in New York.

The parallel event to the CSW dedicated to Mothers and Children's health "Deliver Now for Women and Children" was attended by about 45 people. Speakers included key Ministers involved in women's affairs from Chile, Mrs. Laura Albornoz Pollmann, and Paraguay, Mrs. Maria José Argana Mateu, as well as the Director of the UN Population fund for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mrs. Marcela Suazo, and the Advocacy Chair for The Partnership. There was also a group of young student delegates from Rhode Island .

The moderator of the session, Rocío Rosero, former Executive Director of the National Council of Women in Ecuador, opened the session reminding the participants of the urgency to address maternal mortality and the need for more active participation of all sectors. She reminded the audience the relevance of human rights and gender perspectives to the main issues that concern the global advocacy drive for Women and Children's health.

Chile’s Minister of Women’s affairs, Laura Albornoz, presented Chile’s successes in maternal, newborn and child health on behalf of President Bachelet and invited the participants to the regional launch of Deliver Now for Women and Children that would take place in Chile during the second semester of 2008. She emphasized that this is one of the President’s highest priorities.

Paraguay’s Minister of Women’s Affairs, María José Argaña, presented Paraguay’s situation and the governmental response, emphasizing the challenges in a country where 22% of the population is between 10-19 years and 40% of women give birth at home. Acknowledging UN Population Fund’s (UNFPA) support in a Paraguayan public campaign on maternal mortality, she showed two public service announcements used in the campaign. She suggested that Deliver Now for Women and Children be included in the REM/MERCOSUR (specialized meeting on women’s affairs of the southern common market countries) agenda in Argentina.

Marcela Suazo, director of the Latin-American and Caribbean division at UNFPA, presented the situation in the Americas. With an in-depth analysis of the underlying and contextual facts, the audience could see the bigger picture as she stressed the importance of integrated health strategies and the need for intersectoral responses and male involvement.

Dr Arletty Pinel presented the history and context of Deliver Now for Women and Children and asked the audience to reflect about the following two questions:

The session closed in a very positive and enthusiastic tone and panelists and participants agreed to follow-up on the suggestions put on the table to continue the advocacy drive at the regional level.

  • How can they help make Deliver Now for Women and Children more relevant in the region?
  • What is the process that should take place to make best use of the opportunity?

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