Global Health Annual Conference: Global Health Goals & Metrics


Organizer: Global Health Council
Event dates: 14-18 June 2010
Venue: Washington DC

Plenary Session: Tuesday 15 June

How has the increase in global health resources had a positive impact on health?

15 June 2010 | Washington D.C. - Substantial resources are being directed towards increasing the effective coverage of interventions to improve public health. In order to measure an intervention’s effect, the effective coverage of the intervention must be tracked in a valid, reliable and comparable way. This session looked at the effective coverage of selected interventions – insecticide-treated bednets, ARVs, immunization, family planning, and skilled birth attendants – to illustrate the importance of measuring effective coverage and discuss some of the methods being used for this purpose.

Following the flow of financial resources and tracking of health interventions, speakers highlighted the links between resources, coverage of interventions and key health outcomes such as those targeted by the Millennium Development Goals. PMNCH Director, Dr Flavia Bustreo, examined the role of the PMNCH , the resources and tracking of interventions for women’s and children’s health, and highlighted the role of the Countdown to 2015 Initiative and the Joint Action Plan, supported by UN Secretary General.

Speakers emphasized the need to build a systematic body of evidence on known successes in global health given increased resources, and what implications these have for future activities. The session emphasized how measurement helps to establish an evidence base for progress in health, and how that can be used to help improve all efforts, regardless of sector or individual role.

Moderator: Jonathan D. Quick, President and CEO, Management Sciences for Health

Speakers: Chris Murray, Institute Director, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
Eric Goosby, US Global AIDS Coordinator; Ambassador at Large, Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator
Flavia Bustreo, Director of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH)
Mead Over, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development