World's women at the centre of achieving the MDGs


Organizer: UNIFEM
Event dates: 20 September 2010
Venue: Conference room 7 NLB

The presentations and discussion will draw upon five recommendations presented at the MDG3 conference on 25 March 2010 in Copenhagen on how to accelerate the achievement of the MDGs. These are summarized as:

  • Economic empowerment of women as a rights' issue and as smart economics
  • Expansion of women's entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Creation of opportunities to overcome social and cultural barriers
  • Priority for women's health, incl. sexual and reproductive rights
  • Voice and political participation

Theses will be a point of departure for the speakers at the side event, which attempts to develop the recommendations in light of the findings presented by UNIFEM in the areas of women-friendly public services, land and jobs for women, women in power and decision-making, and ending violence against women and girls. These will be provided and elaborated upon at the event in an excerpt from the forthcoming 'Progress of the World's Women 2010/2011'.